• HIBA WOOD OIL ヒバ精油 35ml
HIBA WOOD OIL ヒバ精油 35ml

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HIBA WOOD OIL ヒバ精油 35ml

¥3,740 (税込)
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"Aomori Hiba" is a tree with a strong scent, also known as fragrant wood, and its scent has an aroma relaxation effect that relieves tension and gives calm. Also, compared to other trees such as hinoki and ginkgo, it is more resistant to water, has amazing antibacterial activity against mold and germs, and keeps termites away, so it has been used for shrines, temples, castles, etc. for a long time. It is wood.

"Hiba essential oil" is extracted by steam distillation of powdered Aomori Hiba.
There are more than 40 kinds of essential oils, and among them, <hinokitiol> and <β-drabulin> have a very strong antibacterial effect. Trees with these two types of ingredients are rare in the world, and only Aomori Hiba in Japan.

Drop a few drops in the bath or aroma pot to enjoy the scent of hiba, or drop a few drops with the detergent in the washing machine to deodorize unpleasant odors such as room drying.

Expiration date: Please use within 1 year after opening.

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